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Are you satisfied with your life? Are you happy and healthy? What would you change in your life if you could do it right now? If I gave you three wishes what would they be?

Well, I don’t have a genie in a bottle, but I can give it a try. I’m Dr. Clay Lowder and I’m a family doc. And I LOVE what I do. I live in my hometown of Sumter, S.C. and I’ve practiced here for 25 years. All my patients call me Clay. We are friends. We work on their problems together as a team. I call myself a “preventer”. I do my best to find diseases early before they wreak havoc. It pays off. Just today I saw a fishing buddy of mine who had a little bit of chest pain. It took a little coaxing, but he agreed to a stress test. I knew immediately he was in trouble. In the first two minutes of him walking on the treadmill I saw the EKG changes. He didn’t even finish the test before I had him on his way to Columbia to see a cardiologist and have a heart cath. I just hung up the phone with the Cardiologist; my buddy has critical three vessel disease and needs emergency bypass surgery. “He would have died in a week!” the Cardiologist told me.

How do you top that? How can you have a better job in the world Did I mention I love what I do?!

Over the years of practice, I feel I have a system for helping people physically like above. It’s very rewarding but I get just as much of a buzz helping them mentally and spiritually! When people come to me, they are seeking help and they are vulnerable. I love to walk them through it. We develop a plan and set out a journey together. When they feel like they are a part of the plan, magic happens!

Now I’ve decided on a new plan. I’d like to help you. I know it won’t be in the cozy 9 by 12 exam room, but hey, you won’t have to wait in the waiting room either!

So welcome to claylowder.com. I said on the back of my very first brochure 25 years ago that True Health was a blending of the mental, the physical, and the spiritual health. In order to be truly healthy you need to do all three. My family’s motto and my new book is Winners Travel. It means more than just a vacation. It’s a healthy lifestyle in which you choose your life path.

So maybe your first wish is to just get started! WISH GRANTED! Take five minutes each morning and read. I’d love for you to start here where you can find helpful tips on all three facets of health. I’d be honored to be your guide. Oh yeah, call me Clay.

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