Do you need a motivational speaker for your group or business?

Clay Lowder brings it!

He has over 25 years experience as a public speaker, and he will change your life and those around you.  He has a wide variety of topics including

  • The future of medicine
  • If you only had 10 minutes, what would you grab?
  • The miracles in medicine I’ve witnessed first hand
  • How to cure depression
  • Peak Performance
  • The Fuel Diet
"Winners Travel! No matter how you define winning, or success for that matter, this book is a must for you and your family. These principles were instilled in us from our parents, and Clay has successfully applied them in life to help himself, and others achieve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Thanks to my work as a psychologist, I have also seen these principles applied in many areas of life, and they have also contributed to the success of Clemson athletics. Winners Travel will challenge you, sharpen you, and inspire you!"
Dr. Milt Lowder
Sport Psychologist, Clemson University

Previous appearances

  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
    Speaker for Pfizer on topic of smoking cessation and Chantix for over 5 years
  • Stansberry Conference & Alliance Meeting
    2019 Conference & Alliance Meeting Speaker

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