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Motivational Speaker,
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Do you want to change your life?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

You will find the answers in my book, Winners Travel, A Doctor’s Guide to Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health.

I’m a family doctor and I’m here to help you! I’ve dedicated my life to developing these concepts, and I’ve brought them to you. Whether it be my new book, my newsletters, our online quiz, or speaking information, everything is here to help you start living your own “Winners Travel” life.

Winners Travel – A Doctor’s Guide to Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health

Clay Lowder has developed the concept of “Winners Travel” to help his patients live healthy lives, mentally, spiritually, and physically. One trip to the doctor could change your life. Let Clay’s passion and enthusiasm for life show you how you can make easy changes and start living your best life possible!

Meet Clay

Hey, I’m Clay.   I’m a husband, father, doctor, farmer, public speaker, and most recently, an author! Though I love wearing all of these hats, my mission is to change people’s lives mentally, physically, and spiritually.  When I do get free time, you can find me on a boat, in the woods, or hanging out with my family.  My wife, Kelliegh, and I have been married for 27 years, and we have three children: Clayton, Coker and Liza.  All of our children attend Clemson University, and the Clemson Tigers are a passion of ours!

Are you healthy?
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A passionate speaker, Clay Lowder loves to help others change their lives with simple strategies that work.  He speaks on a variety of topics including Future of Medicine, How to live a Winners Travel Life, Fuel Diet and Weight Loss etc.

Winners Travel

A Doctor’s Guide to Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health