How Do You Practice Spiritual Health?

I often talk with my patients about spiritual health. Sometimes the conversations are difficult. Some folks can get a little defensive when you ask, but they usually open up to me and deep down I find they actually want to talk about it.

I usually instruct my patients that it is a lot easier than they think. My advice is to always start with some quiet time in the mornings. I ask them to turn off their device or TV, take 5 deep breaths, and spend some time alone. Some people call this meditation, and some people call it prayer. I leave it up to them what they call it, however, I feel it is an important part of everyone’s day to seek spiritual health.

I also encourage my patients to take a few minutes each day and read. My mother, Dr. Jennie Ariail, taught me the love of literature when I was young. She used to read to me over and over again, and I have developed a lifelong addiction to reading. Now, most people will push back on this idea as well. They have usually been made to read dull, boring books in school, and they are flat out sick of it. I just laugh. I tell them they need to read good books! I always have book suggestions readily available for them. Sometimes, I have a book available in my office for people who are depressed or seeking some form of spiritual health.

One such book I love is the Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod. The author describes a morning routine that is highly effective, and I have adopted it in my life. I encourage you to read his book and study his method. Although Elrod encourages the readers to practice this routine for an hour each morning, a large majority of us can’t seem to find that much time on a regular basis. Elrod suggests a condensed version of his method that can be completed in 6 minutes and can be just as effective in creating a miracle morning! The 6 minute version works well for me! Please check it out.

A few other suggestions for perspective and spiritual healing are Andy Andrews’s, The Noticer and Og Mandino’s, The Greatest Salesman in the World. Both authors are excellent story tellers and they will leave you spell bound. My patients will often return the book I gave them after reading it with a smile on their face and an excitement from reading again. One of my personal favorites for guidance, encouragement, and life lessons is the Bible.

If reading is not your strength, I encourage you to listen to an audiobook. One of the best audiobooks I listen to at least once per quarter is Earl Nightingale’s, The Strangest Secret. In his deep, booming, 1950’s radio voice, Nightingale describes the secret of life. Years ago, I even paid my children to listen to this short book while they were teenagers, because I felt it was so important to their spiritual growth.

So that’s it. I would encourage you to take 5- or 6-minutes tomorrow to be still and explore some quiet time with just you and a good book.

Here’s to your health in 2019!

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